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Kef R5 Meta Floorstanders (Pair)

Kef R5 Meta Floorstanders (Pair)

The slim and elegant R5 Meta is compact, but it is more than capable of delivering highly detailed sound and deep, clean bass. It can work as a stereo pair or as surround speakers as part of an ultimate R Series home theatre system. Hybrid aluminium bass drivers with greater driver excursion ensure tight, deep, controlled bass. With a choice of matching home theatre models to pair with, the stage is set for an immersive movie experience.
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KEF R-Series

Metamaterial Absorption Technology

Exceptional Bass

The KEF R-series sits between the entry-level KEF Q-series and the class-leading Reference series that has repeatedly set the benchmark for audio reproduction. Benefiting directly from the technological innovation of the Reference, the R-Series combines bespoke design with next-generation technology to produce exceptional acoustic performance.

A revolutionary tool in KEF’s acoustic armoury, Metamaterial Absorption Technology is a circular maze-like disk that sits at the back of the Uni-Q driver array. Optimised to absorb 99% of the unwanted sound from the rear of the driver, each channel is tuned to a different frequency to absorb a wide bandwidth of sound with extremely high efficiency.

Bass is a key part of KEF’s signature sound and the R5 Meta’s low-frequency drivers have been tailor made with care and precision to ensure these standards remain high. Two 5.25” hybrid aluminium bass drivers enable a greater driver excursion and produce tight and controlled bass that will undoubtedly impress.

The drivers’ magnet system also creates a uniform magnetic field, while the suspension helps to deliver a clean and precise sound that is exceptionally deep and agile too.


Next Level Versatility

Acoustically Driven Design

12th Gen Uni-Q Drivers

The R5 Meta is perfect for reproducing stereo sound for your favourite tracks regardless of the dimensions of your listening space. The addition of these speakers will take your audio to the next level and help you to discover depth and detail in your music that you never knew existed.

With a choice of matching home cinema models to pair with, the R5 Metas will make your cinematic experience more immersive than ever before too.

Despite acoustic performance being at the heart of design, KEF have been sure to deliver a visually impressive speaker that integrates with the home both sonically and aesthetically. Available in Black Gloss, White Gloss and Walnut, the R5 Metas are designed to be on display.

Dedicated microfibre grilles with 1801 precision-cut holes for each driver also ensure optimum performance whether they’re on or off.

KEF’s renowned 12th generation Uni-Q driver array with MAT is found in all seven R-Series models and helps to produce exceptionally detailed and balanced audio. Acting as a single point source, these drivers help to enlarge the sweet spot and disperse sound evenly across your entire room.

Whether you enjoy traditional two-channel HiFi, multi-channel home cinema or both, the R5 Meta’s will undoubtedly deliver extraordinary levels of detail that will take your breath away.

Product Specification

  • Range: R Series
  • Speaker Type: Floorstanding
  • Tweeter Size (mm): 25
  • Drive Units Description: HF: 25mm (1in.) vented aluminium dome MF: 125mm (5in.) aluminium cone Bass Driver: LF: 2 x 130mm (5.
  • Speaker Format: Three-way bass reflex
  • Speaker Impedance (Ohms): 8
  • Speaker Sensitivity (dB): 87
  • Speaker Frequency High (kHz): 28
  • Speaker Frequency Low (Hz): 58
  • Speaker Max Power (W): 200
  • Speaker Crossover (kHz): 400Hz, 2.7kHz
  • Width: 27.20 (cm)
  • Height: 107.20 (cm)
  • Depth: 34.40 (cm)
  • weight: 2.50