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  • Rel Acoustics T/9x Subwoofer

    Rel Acoustics T/9x Subwoofer

    THE SERIES FLAGSHIP The job of any range topper for REL is to deliver more of everything, particularly output and dynamics. The 9x is no different in this regard, as it delivers the goods in both music and theatre applications. 9x, however, delivers a...
  • Rel Acoustics T/7x Subwoofer

    Rel Acoustics T/7x Subwoofer

    THE PRACTICALLY PERFECT REL REL’s legendary High Level Input connection and fast filters are a significant chapter in the REL story. Connecting via the speaker outputs of your amplifier without drawing any power from it may seem like magic, but...
  • Rel Acoustics T/5x Subwoofer

    Rel Acoustics T/5x Subwoofer

    STUNNINGLY SIMPLE Perfect for small and medium rooms, T/5x seats perfectly into any décor. Floor-firing is part of its secret; bass energy strikes the floor and spreads uniformly throughout the space making it perform like a larger model. For...
  • Rel S/510 Subwoofer

    Rel S/510 Subwoofer

    Extreme Performance from a compact package For S/510, every aspect of the previous generation’s inner workings were examined without regard to its critical and customer-driven success. We turned a fresh eye to power requirements, driver...
  • Rel Acoustics Arrow Transmitter

    Rel Acoustics Arrow Transmitter

    Zero Compression Wireless Transmission Freedom - Arrow™ Wireless Connectivity Arrow™ Zero Compression Wireless: REL are quickly growing into an industry leader in wireless. Following on the heels of the acclaimed LongBow™ Wireless,...