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  • Leema Elements Pre-Amplifier

    Leema Elements Pre-Amplifier

    The Leema Elements Pre-Amplifier continues Leema’s strong tradition of producing some of the best Pre-Amplifiers that money can buy. Not only does the Elements Pre-Amplifier include a comprehensive set of inputs and...

  • Leema Elements Power Amplifier

    Leema Elements Power Amplifier

    The Leema Elements power amplifier is an incredibly versatile design. A row of switches on the rear of the unit, together with an internal analogue volume control allow the amplifier to be configured for various applications.  The unit...

  • Leema Elements Integrated Amplifier

    Leema Elements Integrated Amplifier

    The Leema Elements Integrated is a high power output, microprocessor controlled, stereo integrated amplifier and highperformance DAC. It is capable of class-leading performance at the heart of an audiophile stereo system,...

  • Leema Elements Ultra Phono-Stage

    Leema Elements Ultra Phono-Stage

    It has been 30 years since the digital compact disc revolutionised the world of audio, promising perfect sound forever. Yet many enthusiasts still prefer the warmth and immediacy of vinyl replay.  The surprising thing, is that despite the demise...

  • Leema Elements DAC/Pre-Amplifier

    Leema Elements DAC/Pre-Amplifier

    Digital to analogue conversion is a discipline that, on the face of it, looks to be a simple number crunching exercise. Yet, as in all things audio, the devil is in the detail. Chief among the gremlins is time, which if not precisely regulated, causes...

  • Leema Elements CD Player

    Leema Elements CD Player

    The Leema Elements CD Player continues the Leema tradition of ground breaking design, facilities and performance by incorporating many unique Leema innovations and the very best parts and processes available.  The...