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Denon RCD-M41 and Acoustic Energy AE100 Bundle

Denon RCD-M41 and Acoustic Energy AE100 Bundle

Building on the multi-award winning RCD-M40, the new RCD-M41 features improved sound, style and facilities. The newly-developed discrete analogue amplifier circuit reduces signal paths for greater clarity and impact, while the AE100² is sure to look good placed on speaker stands or bookshelves, delivering a sound that belies its compact size.
Acoustic Energy
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Exceptional Sound Design Simple and Straight Improve your TV Sound
The Amplifier circuit delivers 2x30W more than enough to power drive the Acoustic Energy AE100 bookshelf speakers. (The CD reciever can be purchased seperately) Denons popular M-Series gives you high sound quality based on the ''simple and straight'' concept. This circuit design and the way the chasis is built ensure that the sound you hear is utterly faithful to the original performance.  Connect your TV, gaming console or media player to the D-M41DAB with an optical cable and amplify your gaming experience or bring other content to life with better audio quality.


Silky Smooth Top End Fantastic reviews Choice of finishes
At the top end, the AE100 uses a soft dome tweeter to deliver smooth, lifelike treble. Acoustic Energy’s Wide Dispersion Technology spreads the sound widely, meaning you get to hear the ‘sweet spot’ in a wider area of the room. Reviews indicate that, despite being associated with the term ''entry level speakers'', you'd be hard pressed to find better speakers tagged with that term, and the incredible sound you'll recieve only cements that claim. Available in choice of satin black or walnut vinyl finishes, the AE100 matches your hi-fi components or room décor. A limited edition white version is also available.

Product Specification

    • Width: 44.00 (cm)
    • Height: 21.00 (cm)
    • Depth: 36.30 (cm)
    • weight: 10.00
    • Speaker Range: Other
    • Speaker Type: Bookshelf