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Do I Need Room Correction

29th Jul 2020

With the release of Dolby Atmos and DTS-X many of us have many more speakers installed which makes the requirement for automated set-up and room correction a necessity. On first look they all seem similar – each requires a microphone to be placed in multiple positions and measurements are taken. The setup system will then adjust things like speaker levels, speaker distances, cross-over settings and delays. They will also apply equalisation to the settings to deal with room issues.

It’s worth mentioning that room correction cannot correct everything and room size, shape, furnishings all make a difference. Acoustically treating the room helps as well. Not all room correction systems are the same and don’t deal with the issues in the same way.

Audyssey – typically found on Denon and Marantz AV Receivers, Audyssey comes in many flavours.

DIRAC – found on the Arcam range of products is a more complicated system to use than Audyssey but can achieve great results

Anthem Room Correction or ARC – as you may guess from the name this is present on the Anthem range of AV Receivers such as the MRX720 or MRX1120. About to be released – ARC GENESIS

YPAO – Yamaha’s own room set-up system