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B&W 607 S3 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

B&W 607 S3 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Presenting an impressive blend of potency and size-defying magnitude, the 607 S3 bookshelf speaker delivers a sonic experience that transcends its compact dimensions. Integrating our innovative Titanium Dome™ tweeter with the renowned precision and transparency of our celebrated Continuum™ bass/midrange cone, it achieves a harmonious synergy that captivates audiophiles. This combination not only ensures remarkable accuracy but also unveils layers of intricate detail across the soundstage, elevating every listening session into a captivating journey through musical landscapes.
Bowers & Wilkins
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Layered, beautiful details

Truly amazing sound

Precision and transparency

The new 607 S3 introduces our all-new Titanium Dome tweeter, which combines exceptional resolution and insight with smooth, refined high-frequency reproduction. The result? An accurate and immersive insight into your favourite music.

607 S3 introduces our new and even more acoustically transparent tweeter grille mesh, first developed for our revered Signature models. Alongside the new Titanium Dome tweeter, the resolution and realism is exceptional

Thanks to its composite construction, the Continuum cone avoids the abrupt transitions in behavior that can impair the performance of a conventional drive unit. With 607 S3, experience a more open, neutral performance that delivers voices and instruments with precision and transparency.


Upgraded speaker terminals

Same size, even more detail

Setting new standards of performance

Derived from the speaker terminals recently introduced in our 700 Series range, the speaker terminals on the new 607 S3 feature an improved layout and a cleaner signal path between your amplifier and your loudspeakers.

Ideal for smaller spaces, the 607 S3 uncovers incredible insight and dynamism in your music. Using the same game-changing technologies as its siblings, 607 S3 is perfect for enjoying your music or providing surround sound as part of a home theatre system.

The new Bowers and Wilkins S3 range delivers excellent standards that change the game forever. Revel in pristine audio and take comfort in quality.

Product Specification

  • Product Range: Other
  • Speaker Type: Bookshelf
  • Tweeter Size (mm): 25
  • Drive Units Description: 1x ø25mm (1 in) aluminum dome high-frequency1x ø130mm (5 in) Continuum™ cone bass / midrange
  • Speaker Format: 2-Way Vented Box
  • Speaker Impedance (Ohms): 8
  • Speaker Sensitivity (dB): 84
  • Speaker Frequency High (kHz): 28
  • Speaker Frequency Low (Hz): 52
  • Speaker Max Power (W): 100
  • Speaker Crossover (kHz): 2.5
  • Width: 16.50 (cm)
  • Height: 30.00 (cm)
  • Depth: 23.50 (cm)
  • weight: 4.65
  • Speaker Range: 600 Series
  • Speaker Type: Bookshelf