Ten years ago music streaming was a complete unknown. Today, music streaming‘s top dog, Spotify, boasts over 75 Million users worldwide. And that’s just a single service. Encompassing over 30 million songs, it’s easy to see why music streaming is taking the world by storm!

For a small monthly fee you can quite literally have the worlds music at your fingertips.

Today we’ll discuss the biggest players on the music streaming scene to give you an idea of what to expect from big names such as SpotifyTidal,Apple and Amazon.

Before going into this it’s important to remember that music streaming is very different to the traditional ways people collected music.

When streaming music you are effectively renting the songs you play. This means if you choose to stop your subscription it’s likely you’ll lose access to your music ‘collection’.

However with most of these services coming in at just £10 per month, with discounts available for both families and students; music streaming can be a very affordable way to access music.